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Privacy Policy


We understand that your personal data is priceless to you. Therefore, keeping it private is our responsibility. To let you know how actually we collect your data and process it, we have created this privacy policy section. So that you can exactly understand how information is used at our website. However, privacy policy is decided by authorities and is liable to changes depending on customers’ feedback. Upon changes in privacy policy, we do inform you by posting them on home page and other most visited pages of our website. On your part, just make sure that you know our privacy statement all the time. We also update you about changes in case we already have your email id.

We have designed special privacy seal under which all information is stored and processed. Our policy is transparent when it comes to personal information and we also leave choice to you. Privacy seal that manages all data is independent third party that helps us build trustworthy relationship with our customers and organizations. You can always contact us if you are not satisfied with our privacy policy and have some suggestions. We will surely give it a look if it’s of any help to create stronger privacy policy.


Which information we required from you and how we process and maintain it?


When you purchase with us we will ask you for personal details like your first name, last names, address (including current home, street name, state/County, city, and country), phone number, and other important details. Your personal details will be also used to create your account at our website so that you can access same under “Account” section. By clicking button, you can access information you provided us during your first purchase with us. Our goal is to provide you with smooth and hassle-free shopping experience so we also try to keep information as accurate as possible. Please note one thing that we don’t require all these personal details if you just want to join our website. But yes, it’s required when you make a purchase with us. It’s not possible for us to process your order(s) if we don’t have your personal information.


In short, your information is important to us to proceed with your order. We may disclose your information with our staff or organizations involved in order processing and delivery of items. We don’t use such data for any commercial purpose without your permission.


When you register with us you will be asked to provide us with your email ID. Once you provide us your email address and complete registration process, you can access it, edit it, and replace it at any point in time using “Account” link at our website. We need it to easily communicate with you. For instance, if you have any question regarding product(s) or order procedure, we answer you using your email address. Same as with your personal details, we don’t share your email id other than staff or third parties involved in processing of order and delivery. We don’t sell it or make any commercial use of it for any other purposes. However, we are legally entitled to do that in case of fraud when legal assistance is mandatory.


Information during checkout

At the moment, we just have one payment option available that is PayPal for all the orders. However, we are in process of implementing additional payment methods after which you need to make sure that you choose suitable payment method. You can either use PayPal or your credit card to pay for items. However, only last four digits of credit card will be disclosed while confirming the order. All digits of credit card will be only given to card Company only and that too in encrypted format. Our main intention for collecting your information during checkout is to process your order in easy manner. Information is only disclosed to those who are involved in processing of the order. Without your permission, we don’t share your personal information to third parties other than mentioned here in privacy policy. In case of fraud, we are legally entitled to use your personal information to seek legal assistance.


Navigation tracking

We do monitor your activities at our website by means of navigation tracking and usage data. This information is not used to reveal your identity or to link you in any other websites. It’s only used to analyze your activities and purchases so that we can improve our website to your liking.



It’s important that you know when and why we might/can use your personal information. As told earlier, your information might be revealed members of staff or third parties who are involved in order processing. For example, Courier Company that delivers your order will access your personal information like Name, Shipping address, and phone number(s). Furthermore, we might also use your information to protect our legal rights. If information given is related to harmful conduct or it is against governmental orders or court orders then we might use that information to protect our legal rights or properties, users of our website, and the public. It also means that we may share you information with fraud protection or credit risk protection organizations to seek assistance in event of fraud or any other unlawful events.


Reviews/testimonials/comments from users

Posting reviews/testimonials/comments along with user’s details is part of our policy. However, we don’t do that without prior permission from users. We will ask for permission via registered email and only post your comments or reviews if you allow us. If you like to post your reviews/testimonials/comments at our website, you are free to contact us using email address


Use of cookies

Use of cookies is optional in our website but we highly recommend you to use this feature because it enables many features at our website. Cookies are generated automatically when you browse through our website. However, no personal or private information is used or stored in cookies. They are useful for us to keep track of your shopping behavior and interests so that when you visit us next time, we can simplify the process and can provide you with much better shopping experience.


How we protect your information?

Secured web pages are first layer of security on user side. We use encryption method to store most of the data and user information. All management and technical practices are in place to ensure security, integrity, and confidentiality of the data stored at our server. It’s hard to find or build 100% secure computer system but with use of latest technologies and tools, we believe that most of the security problems can be countered at our website. Encryption technology and Secure Sockets Layers (SSL) that work with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Netscape Navigator, Safari, and AOL’s browser have an objective that only we can access or use customer’s personal information. Electronic, Physical, and procedural safeguards are implemented here to ensure that personal information collected is as safe as anywhere else.


Our website has some links which redirect you to other websites. We don’t ensure or advocate security at those third party websites. You need to make sure that you read their privacy policy before using website or providing personal information. We don’t guarantee you or warrant effectiveness, legitimacy, data protection, or quality at those third party websites linked to our website.